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Don’t Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

I had the most profound dream last night. Alright, I’m going to just jump on in. Pigs were flying in my dream! Now we all know the age-old expression, ‘When Pigs Fly,’ but this time I saw them in my dreams – and they were dancing too! Completely in sync with one another, these happy dancing pigs. They were all over the sky and even soaring at times with big grins on their faces in inflatable blue boats. Now when your dreaming your not like, oh my god, there are pigs flying right now. Granted I was completely amused, but everything just plays like a movie in my dreams and I watch and enjoy. It’s not until you wake up after, you realize, shit, there were pigs flying in my dream last night that you slowly slip back into reality and begin to giggle. There was also a song in my head, the same song that was playing throughout the entire trippy pig-flying entourage.

When I have dreams like this, I can’t help but feel there is some type of prolific message trying to be communicated to me. I remember saying prayers the night before asking god or whoever might be listening, to receive guidance on my next steps regarding my recent venture. I believe we are always being helped on our path and if we just notice the little signs that fall in our lap or in this case, dreams that you quite frankly can’t ignore, it is our job to aknowledge the message. So I continued my do-diligence and began playing the song over and over again in my head. Now I don’t really know the lyrics, but I recognized the voice. I grew up in a musical family so I should be able to figure this out, right.? At first I thought it was a Beatles song, so I began researching the only 3 words I remembered, “nah, ah, nah.” Not so helpful lyrics, but I still had a tune. I played a few songs and then I thought maybe it was Elton John. I remembered another word, “Good bye.” I listened intently to several songs and almost gave up, but there was one YouTube video that kept popping up, ‘Good Bye Yellow Brick Road.’ I gave it a go, and sure enough, it was the song that was in my head.

Sometimes my dreams show me things. Most of the products I have created for my brand are from dreams I’ve had. I wake up and I begin to sketch my ideas. I can already see the product down to the last detail. I put this dream in a similar category as I began listening to the lyrics. The song was about the fake side of Hollywood and not getting wrapped up in it. He talks about going back to the country where life is simple. It’s funny the timing of the dream. I am considering my next steps with my 1940s lifestyle brand. “Where do I want to take it?” It’s quite the opposite of trending fashion, it is more about the going back to our homemaking roots; the simple life, perhaps a reminder to stay on my current path and not get wrapped up in a plastic social scene. I think the pigs flying, well, they were just an added bonus letting me know that anything can happen. It’s funny because when I was a little girl, I watched “The Wizard of Oz” at least 100 times and the irony of this song, is that maybe the yellow brick road is an idea or fantasy that doesn’t actually exist. It’s important to remember why I created this brand, it was to show people something different – something off the beaten path of sorts. Just like the my favorite child hood movie, at the end it wasn’t about Oz it was about the characters of friends Dorothy met along the way.

Thank you god for the trippy dream that still makes me giggle and a message to remember as I move forward with my venture. Here is the infamous Elton John song that brought me the guidance I needed. Now if you picture this song to some pigs flying in boats, we will all be on the same page.

– Amy Passantino



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