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The Precipice of Technology…

I have been finding myself in a strange vortex lately. I can see my future moving into two different directions and the path I was moving on doesn’t seem to be aligned with my soul anymore. We have veered so far from who we are as a result of technology shifts. We are constantly comparing our own successes to people like Oprah & Reese Witherspoon, because it’s always in our face, you tubers with a million subscribers being pampered in spa’s by beauty companies while vlogging (video blog) ALONE, but are they happy? Is this a false reality that creates a static feeling of ‘we’re not good enough’ leading us to lose our sense of purpose? Meanwhile we are allowing the ugly feelings of self judgement & envy seep into our subconscious mind and we wonder why we feel like shit.

My best friend said to me the other day, “Are we part of the forgotten generation? We didn’t really grow up submerged in technology like the generations below us. The internet wasn’t even around until we were in high school and everything we learned in college has completely changed.” I knew exactly how she was feeling because I felt the same way. STUCK — like we were wedged between this time lapse of past and future without knowing which direction to move. But where is the present? Where is reality? Nature…honesty. I don’t know if our true happiness lies in nose diving off a cliff into social media, but then how do we make money? Everything is online – advertising, marketing, news, music and now people are making careers out of being themselves on Instagram, blogs, YouTube, and Facebook. Navigating the waters on who is real or just a persona can get really tricky sometimes and send you down the path of thinking “They have it all. Why can’t I have it all?” This is not necessarily a truth though. It’s only a belief that you both created together.

I went to a subconscious transformation group the other day based on the teachings of Joey Klein. Scientific studies have been done on the brain to track and measure how we as humans create a single belief – positive or negative. It is absolutely staggering though how much work goes into releasing one limiting belief once it has been stored. Part of our work was to really dig deep into where that limiting belief stemmed from and mine led me back to our societal influences in the media. This was a shock.

Later that evening I reflected back on the words of our instructor and something that was so obvious, began to set in —  my journey and the journey of people I envied were COMPLETELY different then mine, because quite simply I AM NOT THEM! We forget so easily that we are not these people, yet we compare all of our successes to them as if THEY are the bar. They are not OUR bar. They are the bar for themselves. Not all of us actually want to be on TV everyday interviewing people. Not all of us want to act in movies.  What they value as meaningful, we most likely don’t, but yet we get brainwashed from the media into thinking THEY – the intangible, are the bar for us. These are the important realizations we need to shift before moving forward in any direction. What truly will make us happy?  Is sacrificing a piece of our soul worth the coin? For me – on my journey it’s about authenticity and speaking my truth, but everyone is on their own path…

Below is a German commercial that struck a chord with me about our disconnection from nature and what identifies us in our own human experience.