Wheat Crop Contamination? GMO Toxic Foods….

In 2013, I was listening to Doreen Virtue’s radio show on HayHouseRadio.com and she mentioned a new report that the entire wheat crop in the United States had been contaminated and compromised by Monsanto’s “Genetically Modified Wheat Crops”. I don’t know if this news ever hit the main stream news channels, but it was bad enough that once other countries got wind of this they started canceling their orders immediately. Several months later I developed a skin rash on my legs. At first I thought it would go away, but this wasn’t just any skin rash, it had turned chronic. It kept me up at night, it hurt in the shower and the more it went on, I noticed nothing seemed to take this itch away. It felt like a chemical. It was sort of like a knee jerk reaction where I’d have to itch and then the entire leg would just flare up internally like my body was trying to get something toxic out of it – underneath the skin.

More and more I began to correlate this knee-jerk reaction to certain foods I ate, one of which was wheat beer – my favorite of course.  I  do think it’s a little odd that about 6 months after the first reports of this major crop became contaminated this rash appeared. I went to an allergist, which gave me topical creme and put me on Benadryl, which took away the histamine in my system, but something was telling me the cause of this was happening internally. It’s been 3 years now and it still hasn’t gone away. It comes and goes mysteriously and I can’t seem to track it. I finally demanded to take every test possible, from basic blood work to more complex testing to get to the root cause.

This past week I received news I tested positive on an ANA blood test which could mean I have Lupus. It’s not definite, but I have autoantibodies that are attacking my good cells. Celiac Disease is another one it could be and both Lupis and Celiac are triggered from wheat which I didn’t know. The more I have researched these GMO’s and the nasty side effects, the more I learned their connection to diseases such as Cancer, Celiac Disease, and now Lupus which is on the rise. Coincidence?! And it’s not just the wheat crop that’s contaminated, corn is too! There is apparently no “GMO” free corn in our country and it’s what farm animals consume that end up in our diet along with alcohol and foods from chips to tortillas – it really makes you think…

I was perfectly healthy with no issues or allergies except for the occasional pollin season and now right after the wheat crop get’s contaminated I get sick. Most of the chemicals that are in genetically modified foods sit in your gut, because our bodies are not designed to expose of them. Lupus is caused by the gut. According to Lupus.org, there are 16,000 new cases every year. So what is going on? It seems we have an epidemic and our food source is contaminated. The irony is that we have never had more advanced technology and research, but people are getting more sick. I want to know why?

Here is an interesting article I found about one woman’s experience with wheat and why she believes it is toxic.


My healing journey now continues, cutting out wheat and seeking clean foods that won’t hurt me. Please share with your friends and stay healthy! XO