Dear Super Markets…

My dreams have been very strange lately and I’m thinking about turning this into a dream blog. I always think they might be telling me something and after last night’s dream I saw myself writing a letter to everyone about my experience. It went like this…

Dear Super Markets,

Why do you have products that can hurt us in your store? What is your reasoning behind spending money importing merchandise from other countries when the freight cost is so high?

I was in a Big Name Super Market and people started getting really sick in the aisles. Their teeth began falling out. The energy was cold. I saw band aids and other products from other countries that were harmful. The produce was not fresh and most of it was imported. I left the store with the people who got sick and we were all distraught on how it got this way. I wanted to write a letter asking why they had done this. As the dream continued I landed at a smaller market in the country. The produce was all fresh and local. The lady knew where everything in the store was from. I was carrying a yucca in my hand from Napa. I didn’t know what a yucca root was, but the lady instructed me on it’s use. I asked her why all super markets weren’t like this and she said because people want a certain lettuce when it’s not in season. I said, we need to learn to cook what’s in our backyard. She smiled.

I walked out to the dirt lot with my happy vegetables. I saw miles and miles of beautiful fresh gardens to walk through where everything was hand picked. There were all types of fresh greens growing. I walked by gorgeous flower combinations growing tall and wall. Some were brown and white and others were colorful. As you continued through the lush land there was a small red barn and gorgeous brown horse resting freely out front. My Pomeranian leaped onto the garden path and went running past me with a large grin on his face racing through the fields toward the horse. I called Toby back and he kindly nuzzled the sweet horse and ran back. I smelled the flowers and admired their beauty. It felt like heaven or a dream and then I woke up and realized it was.

– Estella Grace


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