About the Author

Well, I finally did it! I took the leap and started my own writing blog. A blog where I could solely be me, the girl behind the name – Estella Grace.

No, that’s not my real name, it’s my pen name. Estella means star. She is the ‘Star of Grace’.  I came up with this alter ego about a 7 years ago because I aspired to be her. I pictured this woman to be out of the 1940s – a housewife with utter grace and poise wearing dresses and heels to clean the house. I mean she could have another side – a side of her that she could never show, perhaps I am that girl right now…

Amy Passantino – Founder of Estella Grace®

About me: I was born and raised in northern New Jersey around glass half empty conversations. I am a tomboy at heart wearing sweatshirts and jeans. I speak my mind. I live for music which is why songs are attached to many of my posts. I call myself a work-in-progress, because I am. 3 years ago I was a completely different person, (I’m much cooler now). I partook in a show called “I, Caveman,” which aired on Discovery, where I had to survive under extreme conditions with 9 other castmates living as cavemen. It’s an experience that stripped me down to the core, allowing me to rediscover who I was without anything, food included. After I returned to civilization I had a new outlook on life, I began a practice of yoga and started to embrace my fears, evolving into the person I was most afraid to be; the writer – the artist.

Writing can be scary, sharing a piece of your soul with the world. It’s frightening for me, which is why I put this blog off for so long, but I almost forgot – I wrote a book, a memoir of my life story titled Fix You so I was forced to get comfortable with sharing my soul to complete strangers.

I write from the heart: the emotion of what I am trying to feel and convey to the reader so please forgive any typo’s. I am not perfect and I revel in imperfections because that is what makes the world go around. I am not too far from that 1940’s house wife, creating my own brand in her honor. I continue to put my best foot forward with my writings and make baby steps toward becoming “Estella Grace.” I imagine her to be kind and selfless.

As part of this journey I pledge to become kinder to those around me, and most of all toward myself. I would like to believe in people more, giving them the benefit of the doubt when they are flighty, and to laugh when I spill things.

Here’s to life and tapping into what is real.

– Amy Passantino

“To write is to inspire…”

Check out my book  on Amazon – Fix You: A Jersey Memoir

“I read this book in “2 beach days”. Having been born and raised in the towns mentioned in the book, I could relate to those references and cracked me up! I’m sure most readers will see themselves at some level in the author’s stories. I loved the story about D’Jais in Belmar! I spent many hours there…”


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