Random Thoughts on Spirit Guides and Lazy People…

Song: Mountain Sound – Of Monsters and Men

So they say everyone has spirit guides who are with you from the day you are born. They are the souls who help you, protect you, and guide you through life. I think I met one of mine in a dream once. He was a guido ~ that makes sense.

Anyways, I am a big fan of Theresa Caputo – the medium from TLC’s show, ‘Long Island Medium.’ She talks about her spirit guides like they’re her best friends. She knows their names, what they look like. She consults with them over coffee…

So then I was thinking what if you were the spirit guide for a really LAZY person who never did anything new and failed to notice all of the signs around them? And no matter what the spirit guide did, the person was completely lost and oblivious. How frustrating would that be for them? To have to help this person through their entire life who doesn’t want to help themselves…

Who get’s stuck with that awful, boring job? The protector of the ‘lazy ones’…

What do they do, talk to the other spirit guides? “God, if I have to spend one more day in this bar with this drunken idiot…”

They never get to do anything cool. It’s the same boring routine every day. I mean, the spirit guides might have to do something drastic to get these people’s attention, like throw them in front of a bus or something…and then that got me thinking some more. Ya know about all those stories about people whose lives changed after they had near death experiences.

It makes me wonder about that – if maybe that’s why these sort of things happen, to shake the lazy people out of mediocrity – waking them up into living and why they are here.

And then I thought, wow my spirit guides must love me. I offer full fledge non-stop drama and excitement, growing, falling, up’s, downs…yeah they’re definitely not bored.

Maybe it’s a good thing not to settle in life — don’t want your spirit guides to get bored and throw you in front of a bus. ‘Cause that would really suck. Better stay enlightened.


Estella G.


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