The Mountain is where I Think and I Write…

I awoke to the sound of an owl this morning and the sun was shining in. There was no construction noise outside and LA was quiet. I could finally hear the birds and my own thoughts. Nature was calling me on this peaceful day. I began with a cup of coffee in my hands and Super Soul Sunday with Panache Desai. I packed up some water, a cliff bar, and sought out on my nature adventure. Though it was early, many families had the same plan as me, to hike Griffith Park this beautiful Sunday. There was much distraction with groups of hikers, but I realized I had forgotten to turn on my iPod and that is when I was able to tune out souls around me and just BE. Songs played like a perfect soundtrack to my life and when I was halfway up the mountain I saw God. If you look at these shots captured, you might see God too.

Griffith Park Observatory Trail.
Griffith Park Observatory Trail.

I felt his omniscient presence as chills ran up and down my spine and the words were channeling through me. I had to stop amongst thirsty hikers, but they weren’t there in that moment, it was just me and this power beyond me, that I began to write what would be the final chapter of my next book – The Penniless Suitar Player. I didn’t think I had another one in me, I tried, but I couldn’t find the ending. A common thread among my books, but there in front of me, something that was sitting on the tip of my tongue for over 3 years ran through me as I looked up at the gaping sky and the mountains before me. I felt this same force behind me 2 years ago. I knew there was another story I needed to tell. It’s part of my soul path or my life purpose. It is why I am here. Writing is apart of my journey and I was called to it. Today is when I found it, or faced it & embraced it, for the message that rings true to all of our ears and I can’t wait to share it with you – my final chapter. So now I must do the daunting task of going back through my writings and capturing my favorite parts of the Underground Life here in LA. The life that no one really talks about, the struggling artist, the trail blazers, and yes the loners.

Forever at my side though is this special mountain where the story begins. The same one that led me to this book down the trail blazing path with my seeker friends and suitar players.

A song that inspired me on my trails by Ingrid Michaelson – Keep Breathing.

– Amy


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