A Culmination

Every time I was in a dead-end job I would have moments when I thought to myself, ‘God there has to be more to life than this?’ and there was – in a magical catastrophic symphony of events, God would surprise me. I would make it to the other side and YES, there was more. When I asked, he showed me a better life. I find when I don’t know what is around the corner, that is when I am most happy. It is not always in our hands. We set the steps in motion in a culmination of actions, knocking on each door and the universe finally opens one. Every time you question yourself, there is a reason. Every time you know in your heart you were meant for something better, you were! It is in those defining moments that you are being awakened. It is time for you to do what you came here to do and that is to be authentically you.

I’ve had my shares of struggles financially and emotionally, but when I am no longer asking god – ‘There has to be more than this?’ then I know I am happy and shining in my light. It is in these times when I am pushed past my comfort zone putting myself out there that I realize I might just be uncomfortable for a little while, because sometimes life is uncomfortable right before it’s about to surprise you. You are laying the groundwork and your efforts are getting recognized. It’s culmination into a series of changes that will one day surprise you, because your dream has been realized.


Estella Grace


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