Be Happy

I just watched the The Happy Movie and ironically it got me depressed. I reflect upon my own surroundings and how isolated we are from neighbors in one of the largest US cities, Los Angeles. People pass you by on the streets and they don’t even look at you. Have we really lost that much human connection that we can’t say hi or are we just scared? Scared of being rejected, scared they are bad people…why is it exactly that we have strayed so far from one another in this society? In a city that is so jam packed how can we can feel so alone?

As most people do, I’ve learned to adapt to this isolated lifestyle and I’ve gotten used to being with myself for large periods of time. I’ve learned to write, blog, and connect in other ways. In watching this documentary – it shed light on some of the happiest places in this world like Okinawa and Denmark which thrive upon community living. When someone is sad, there is always a shoulder to cry on, a friend in the corner, and someone to eat with.

There was something else that stood out in the film that struck a chord and that was the emphasis on the government and leaders to ensure our happiness. In Denmark, college is free. Everyone get’s educated and starts a life free from debt. It is the governments job to put the metrics in place for healthcare, schooling, and housing which all enable our happiness and here WE ARE – Americans striving for a dream that might not exist and we are one unhappy country. After watching this film, I’m beginning to feel that we’ve got it all wrong living in a nation that is designed to compete instead of work together. I do see a movement happening – it’s called the Happy Movement and I believe we are shifting as a world. It’s beginning with the influence of television and pioneers such as #Oprah creating a network that offers shows that inspire and teach. I’m trying to think how this all fits into my own world and what I can do to make a difference, perhaps it’s as simple as saying hi to a neighbor.

I don’t know why – but these “Where the Hell is Matt” video’s get me emotional. I think it’s because I’m realizing how much the world needs love and if we can connect through one thing – dance, than so be it… #BeHappy #Dance #Love


Estella Grace



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