It’s been 5 years since I moved to LA..

I came to Los Angeles 5 years ago this week excited and scared of my journey ahead. I packed up my CRV and drove across country hitting treacherous snow storms with my pomeranian Toby Thompson. I did not know what these five years would consist of. I’ve lived in Brentwood, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Westlake, and finally West Hollywood. I’ve hit some really low times here, financially and mentally, but even in those low points of uncertainty there was a light in the shadow. I know why they call Los Angeles the City of Angels, because in between the chaos, the traffic, and the artificial dream chasers, there are real angels. They are far and few, but you meet them in bizarre places, doing audience work, or at an underground hole in a wall. They help guide you and take you to places that you never knew existed. They introduce you to people who love and accept you unconditionally no matter what you think you’re worth. Those are the ones who make living in a tough city like this worth it.

I’ve cried many a night to sleep in the dark hours of West Lake and now I can’t remember when the last time that was. Dreams do come true here, certain miracles fall into place. I’ve been on the other end of a phone call where a production company was hunting ME down for a National TV show. I’ve also won a showcase on ‘Let’s Make a Deal,’ because if you haven’t tried to get on a gameshow, you have not lived in LA.

I think back at myself in Wayne New Jersey. I was shy, scared, and working a corporate job. In LA, through all of the awkward auditions, call backs that led to nothing, and the promises of actually landing a gig, they have prepared me for greater things. To accept the fact that you didn’t get a job and are able to pick yourself up and start again is a quality you need to have.  It’s not glamorous here like everyone suspects. There is a nitty-gritty dirt to this city. There are ghetto birds circling late at night with lights shining down upon your building, and there are all types of homeless critters sleeping on every corner  jumping out when you least expect it. After all this is LA, it either breaks or makes you, but the choice is up to you.

I’ve learned to take every opportunity as far as it takes you. It’s important to remember who you are, have a strong sense of self, knowing you are just as worthy as anyone else out here. It’s your confidence that will help you survive. It’s your curiosity that will take you to parties and experiences you have never dreamed of. And it’s your ability to be open-minded that will take you down a path of self-exploration which will in turn result in inner peace, happiness, and knowing that wherever you are in life, it’s never about the end game, it’s about the journey that led you there.

Happiness to me is dancing in the living room to my favorite song with all my favorite souls.

LA, I think I’m here to stay…




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