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Song: All I want is You – Barry Louis Polisar

After watching some Super Soul Sunday on OWN I began reflecting on what I wanted for 2014. I kept putting aside the time to create my vision for the year, but I never got around to it until now.

I realize it is not about all that I want to accomplish this year – it’s about the opposite. I don’t want it all, I want SIMPLICITY. I don’t want to put together a list of what I hope to achieve, I just want to BE…

My Simple Resolution:

  • To eventually have only one job that is fulfilling to me and provides me with what I need.
  • To be more aware of what I purchase. Although I would love for all of my items to be made in the USA, I don’t care what part of the world they are made in as long as they are made with love and integrity. ♥
  • I want to not forget there is a bigger picture beyond money. “Every choice we make will either enhance the spirit or drain the spirit. There is no other choice…So if you have been compromised to the point where you feel drained or depleted, you have betrayed yourself.” Oprah talking about Anatomy of the Spirit with Author Caroline Myss.
  • To have less stuff – it’s overwhelming to have so many things. I am ready to purge and give more things away.
  • To continue surrounding myself with authentic people and to reconnect with friends from my past.
  • To have NO hangovers. For the first time in my life Alcohol no longer defines my happiness. I have everything that I want and a couple of cocktails is all that I need.
  • To have more potlucks at my home.
  • Getaways to the country.
  • More weekends to sleep in with my boyfriend.

Wishing you a blessed year full of love!

~ Estella Grace

#SimpleLife #Simplicity


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