Song: Enya – Evacuee

Trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of life…noise. It doesn’t seem to stop, go away. Traffic jams, bosses, stress, an hour to work on your dreams, a neighbors blaring TV, aggravation, frustration. I reach for my headphones turning on more noise to drown out the other noise. I’m overwhelmed by websites, google searches, there are too many options, and then the moment comes. Everything goes quiet and I melt into my pillow. Evacuee plays reminding me her. I feel my mother at my side, knowing she is calming my brain down – telling me it will all work out and that I don’t have to figure it all out today. My eyes begin to shut, knowing the noise is never permanent. The quiet waits in the late night, when I can finally think. I remember the essence of me, what I’ve learned along the way, deep breathing, yoga..that is real. That is what matters. The core of my soul without all the chaos around me. If I just sit and listen softly, I can hear all I need to know. I can shut out the noise, my inner aspirations and just be still…

May you find the peace that already lies within you,

– Estella Grace


#Noise #GettingAway


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