A Slice of pie…

It was one of those days where all I wanted to do was sit in a coffee shop and have a slice of pie. I wanted to escape all of my burdens and indulge. It was pouring rain and cold outside. I had to go onsite to a home with a leaky roof and no doors. I tried to look at the day in a positive, my car was in desperate need of a car wash. That was a nice little surprise. It was brisk after the rain and I found myself grabbing a jacket when it was time for my dog’s nightly walk. I stepped into the cool air and smelled the aroma of wood burning. My feet crunched over the leaves beneath my feet and I had stumbled upon Fall in my little Los Angeles neighborhood. I inhaled the autumn air and finally felt at peace. I took a long walk by the well-groomed mansions and I noticed a party going on. There was a valet person out front and a butler greeting guests in the foyer of a rustic spanish villa with large lantern sconces and terracotta tile. Everyone was smiling as they pulled up to this lovely house on a quiet street.

I continued on my walk and I found Halloween around the next corner with two homes fully decorated with a yard of ornate tombstones, pumpkin lighting, and cobwebs. Real life does exist here among the struggling artists. Some have made a good life for themselves and I finally felt normal. When I returned back to what I call the cottage, I saw my rosy cheeks in the mirror. I had a youthful glow on my face and the stress had cleared.  With a slight burst of renewed energy I decided to make one of my favorite Fall foods, popovers. When they came fresh out of the oven I doused mine in homemade apple butter. That is what feels like home to me. Amidst my day of challenges, the seemingly gloomy weather turned it around, and I finally got my slice of pie – it wasn’t how I pictured it, but it was so much better…


-Estella Grace


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