The Best Bad Idea…

It’s like the quote from the movie Argo, “Is that the best bad idea you have?” It wasn’t the greatest idea, but in the end the 6 Americans made it home.

I have taking on the daunting challenge of creating a Made in USA brand. To find a competitive advantage in a country where labor costs  and materials are not cheap, is by far my best bad idea. So why then – why did I chose this seemingly difficult path? Well as Bill O’Reilly struggled to admit about his new book, It was an idea that was divinely inspired.

It all makes perfect sense to me on the outside, but from a logical business perspective can it work like the bad movie idea. Can we be less greedy in business and still prosper in this country?

Perhaps I’m an old soul – perhaps I still believe in the American dream. All I know is that the American dream does not exist without us sticking together to re-create it again. We have diluted the manufacturing system and practically shut it down. So here is what I am asking from you America. I am calling all USA farms, fabric printers, mills, and manufacturers to start thinking about the “Big Picture” and partner together with the smaller businesses. Let’s forego the minimum yardage requirements and the excuses that we cannot get enough seeds to grow the cotton and build a competitive advantage together.

If you are interested in contributing to the best bad idea check out our campaign for Estella Grace on Indygogo!


– Estella Grace


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