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Going Back in Time…

Can you believe the Fall is already here? It’s getting a little chilly in California and I even spotted a couple of Fall leaves on my plants. So I decided as an ode to the season I would go back in time to make apple butter and homemade bread. Now I am an avid cook, but I am not the baker. I baked my first loaves of bread (by myself) when I was 7. My father chuckled when he couldn’t get a knife through the crust. I was like it’s Italian bread, you got to rip it apart with your hands.

From there, I went on to bake several loaves of breads, but I have yet gotten the chance to master it, which is what I have sought out to do this weekend! Since I am planning on having bread classes at my Estella Grace Country store I better get a move on learning how to perfect some recipes of my own!

Now for the apple butter, that one is fairly easy. You just toss in the apples with some cider or apple juice with your favorite seasonings and let it cook down in your slow cooker for 6 hours. I actually just got some apple juice from Trader Joe’s and I love the ingredients *freshly pressed apples. And MAN is it sweet! If only those juice companies knew that by using real fruit they could cut out all that sugar, hmm…

Well for those of you who are just tuning into this blog, it is about my journey to becoming the 1940’s house wife Estella Grace who is my alter ego. After this bread baking weekend I will be about halfway there! Check out our Estella Grace Campaign that is going on right now to learn more about this homegrown brand. http://igg.me/at/estellagraceusa/x/4872000

I’m looking forward to sharing my apple butter and bread recipes!




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