What if you…

Woke up every morning and sang, danced with your neighbors, or played an instrument? Growing up I remember every friday my entire school bus from 8th grade to kindergarten would break out in song and sing ‘SHOUT’ by the Isley Brothers. Those were some of my favorite days – an entire bus full of kids connecting through song.

I watched a video today called ‘Where the Hell is Matt?’ He is a world traveler who films himself dancing around the world with complete strangers. And we all can’t forget the youtube video when the entire wedding party did a choreographed dance down the aisle. Millions of people watched this video and the idea of a traditional wedding transformed from a ceremony into an experience. There is something about these simple acts that can change your mood and transform your day.

Most people when they wake up in the morning make themselves a cup of coffee…they read their emails, and determine their mood based on other people’s actions. My canary wakes up everyday and sings. That always amazes me. I can listen to this bird belt out it’s lungs on a stressful day and my mood instantly shifts.

I began thinking what would happen if we woke up every morning and sang? What if we looked at life like Matt – as if it were a dance filled with magical experiences? Life after all is about experiences, and while watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, I saw yet another magical experience from Soul Pancake that was captured on film – Air Orchestra. Please enjoy!

Sing, Dance, and Live in your Bliss!

Estella Grace

#OprahsSuperSoulSunday #SoulPancake #Oprah #WherethehellisMatt


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