Song: Singing to the Earth – Apollo Sunshine

The calm after the storm, breathing, learning to love yourself again – perspective. The waters are smooth and I am untouched. I sailed the wave – I fought to stay on and I am okay. I surrendered to how the cards fell. I let go and stopped trying to take control – ‘Cause I realize I might not ever be in control. I can speak my truth and won’t always make everyone happy. I can try to steer my raft, but I’m actually just floating. People come aboard – some stay – and some go. I can only have faith that the right people are on my raft at the right time, but to actually surrender and let go – that’s when I finally felt at peace. And by surrendering and letting go – was the only way I knew who was there to stay.

– Estella Grace

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“I read this book in “2 beach days”. Having been born and raised in the towns
mentioned in the book, I could relate to those references and cracked me up! I’m sure most readers will see themselves at some level in the author’s stories. I loved the story about D’Jais in Belmar! I spent many hours there…”


#FixYou #Surrender


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