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Turning a New Leaf…

Today I decided to finally shut the door on a career from my past and move forward to create something bigger.

Over the last few weeks I found myself scrambling in fear on how I was going to support myself during this transition. This fear ultimately pushed me into a place where I was holding onto a job I had already let go of. It was not only moving me backwards, but it was making me extremely unhappy while losing time and energy I could have spent on moving forward.

It’s hard for me to say goodbye to a career that has defined me for a large portion of my life – almost 15 years. I was in Starbucks today and I finally found a new green mug I liked. When I brought it home I sat it next to the old blue mug on the right.


They appear to be very similiar on the outside like my businesses, but they are actually completely different. The green mug is more ‘green’, earth conscious, and will help many people. It isn’t as comfortable to me, but in my heart its the only thing that makes sense. The old mug is chipped and worn out. I’ve drank way to many cups of coffee from it and it can hurt you if you drink from it.

So with the permission of a wise voice today, I realized it was time to throw out the old mug. She didn’t break it down to me in mugs, but she said I had left the island to get to the next island and right now I was taking a leap through the ocean – but within that sacrifice I was making to get to the bigger island, the sun would be waiting for me upon my arrival.”

I saw an inspiring interview with Alicia Keys on Oprah’s Next Chapter the other night. She repeated some words her husband would say to her during those times. He would say, “Follow that light and it will lead you where you are supposed to go.”

So today on International Women’s Day, I dedicate a song to you that has helped me with my transition through the ocean.

Song: Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire

My chapter as an Interior Designer has closed. It is time to turn a new leaf and move on.

– Estella Grace


#Life Purpose #Empowering Women


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