The Heart….

Some days you care about people and then an odd day comes along and you realize you don’t. A person who once made your heart melt, who you waited on their every phone call or text, is gone. Or a friend who you shared magical adventures with – you look through your pictures over the course of a year and notice they have disappeared.

A person 2 months ago, even 4 months ago meant the world to you and today they don’t. Your heart shifts with the ebb and flow of life and the only constant is change. My neighbor said the other day, “No one falls in love without being a little brave.” It stuck with me…the heart is an amazing thing. It can fall, it can love hard, and then it can cleanse itself, heal itself, if you allow it. You can breathe new life into it, and one day you let someone new in, a friend, a lover…

You will never figure out love, you will never be able to fully control your heart – who you let in, who you let go of…but you can only do your very best. You can try and walk tall leaving it open – knowing you are always protected and that the only thing that will truly permeate those tender walls is another loving soul. ♥♥

– Estella Grace


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