Clearing the slate…

Song: Imagine Dragons – On Top of The World

I am detaching from my ego, clearing the slate, and re-writing my goals. I don’t want to design someone’s perfect closet, I want to give back and feel good about my career. I’m big into positive affirmations, but today I felt a shift, and I decided to clear my mirror of all of the old ones, creating only one: I AM TRULY HAPPY.

I am wiping the slate for this new year, surrendering to being happy, following my intuition, and discovering my next steps. While sitting on the floor of my apartment I saw an old journal. As I began flipping through the pages, a note fell out. A friend of mine had written it to me several years ago. He knew how much I loved the ‘Notes from the Universe’ by Mike Dooley, so he created one that was custom for me.

“Your current reality is a temporary inconvenience. It is but a passing bridge to your future, a future that holds more possibility than you can imagine. A future you create. A castle in the sky awaits you. It sits upon the doubt of your present, it lies above the mundane, floating on the winds of your soul. Your dreams are you, you are dreams. And know this sweet girl, you do not cross that bridge alone.”

The Universe

I am going to leave you with a toast…To rediscovering yourself in this new year, being guided by love instead of money, to stop making decisions out of fear, giving back even when you feel you have nothing, and letting go of the ego, because it can only go so far. Here’s to a life of beautiful moments, people, and experiences.

~Estella Grace


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