LA Drinking Water – Articles and Reports

I moved to Los Angeles over 3 years ago so when I mentioned my concerns about the drinking water to my friend the other day and he laughed, I was quite appalled. “There’s a running joke,” he said. “LA water is not safe for animals, but safe for humans.”

What? I couldn’t believe my ears. Sure, I had noticed something was off. For one, my birds were getting sick. I had been giving them Brita for several months, but when I reverted back to tap water 2 weeks ago, I noticed the decline in my canary’s health. His feathers were changing colors and he started to get bald patches. I suspected something when I lost a canary 6 months ago and she smelled of chlorine. Then I started speaking with one of my close friends, her hair was thinning and falling out. I soon began to put the puzzle pieces together. My hair was thinning as well, to the point that both of our hair dressers mentioned something to us. There was also the constant complaints amongst friends of our dry skin, break-outs, and the strong scent of chlorine when we turned on the faucet.

I wasn’t making this up…this was the truth, our water is toxic. When I started to do the research online, I found the report of a family in Ventura County having the same reaction to the water I was. I remembered seeing the special on CBS.

See Article: Ventura County Homeowner Claims Water With High Chlorine Levels is Making Family Sick

The scary part is that the amount of chlorine in our water does fall within the range of EPA standards, but perhaps the standards are too low and are actually harming people and animals.  I visited LADWP’s website and obtained the latest quality report from 2011. As of April 2012, Chloramine was to be added to the drinking water, which is ammonia mixed with chlorine. Had I known that I added ammonia to my pet’s daily diet and showering regiment, I would have switched to water purification systems much sooner.

LADWP: Annual Water Report 2011 

There was not only news of the latest Chloramine addition, but reports of Radon  on the report and the implications on our health. I also found out about another toxin, Chromium-6 found in this recent lawsuit with specific reference to Los Angeles.

See Article: California Drinking Water: Department of Public Health Sued

My friend was right, animals should not be drinking this water, especially birds. These articles and reports scared me which is why I was wondering how the residents of California weren’t alerted to the possible dangers of the drinking water. I urge anyone who has pets to immediately switch them to bottled or filtered water. There is no reason why young women should be losing their hair or not have the knowledge that our drinking water is toxic to humans and animals.

There are other products we use everyday, like soaps, deodorants, and lotions, that all contain chemicals and cancer causing agents in them – aluminum being the main ingredient in deodorant which has been linked to breast cancer. After women get out of the shower and shave the pores are open and when the deodorant is put on, the chemicals seep into the breast tissue.

See Article: Aluminum linked to Breast Cancer

The companies who are putting these cancer causing toxins into our products do not care about our health and the more we trust in these brands or the government, the more at risk we become. This has been a real eye opener for me and I hope by sharing this information you can make some changes within your own home.

There are affordable shower purification systems that begin at $60.00. I urge you to get one to protect your hair and skin. They attach right to your shower and last 8-9 months. I just purchased one called Aquasana.

There are also natural products for deodorant that actually work better than the shelf all-natural brands (Tom’s) and they cost less. Here is the link to one of them.  www.primalpitpaste.com

For facial lotions, check out Purple Prairie Botanicals or Moondance Botanicals.

Here is another all natural brand, great for toothpaste and other products. www.jason-natural.com

If anyone else knows of any natural products they would like to share on this post, please comment. I think it’s important we all become aware and find alternate solutions to protect our health.

Knowledge is power and unfortunately in this day and age it’s something we all have to be more pro-active about.

Wishing you all good health and love,

Estella Grace ♥


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