I am Alive…

Today – my head hurt. No wait, my brain hurt. I have put my body into overdrive so when I woke, there was nothing left to give. Only to myself. Yoga I thought, yoga – if you can make it, you might feel better. So I did. As we get older we have to take care of ourselves. We realize there is no one there to watch out for you, but you. So I did, I listened and went. It was hard. I struggled, but I made it through – which is a metaphor for life. You are a rock, you are strong inside and you will make it through the hard times, the tough times and the people who suffocate or energy-suck the life out of you.

During yoga, as always I found clarity. My eyes had been hurting – too much computer work, construction drawings, elevations, hence my head, my brain. I listened and remembered where my eye-glass prescription was – only 3 miles from the studio. I went, I shopped, and I screamed loudly when I found the frames. “These are the ones!” I throw up my arms in a glorious rage, heads turning from people passing by and the salesman laughing uncontrollably behind the counter, “You made my day!”

An hour later a contractor called, I let it go to voicemail. It’s hard for me to do that. In fact, I don’t ever do that, which therein lies the problem of burn out. I instead continue on my mission to relax and get my nails done. I almost pass out at the dryer table. I’m tired, exhausted, and I can’t seem to regain steam. An old friend calls me, he brings light back into my life. We have dinner at a sketchy Korean place, perfect! I had wanted to go there for 2 years. I begin to refuel after good conversation, unwinding with a beer. We say goodbye and more friends show up at my house – there’s a bottle of wine, music blasting and we share songs. We play songs on the ukulele, ones we know and ones we’ve written.  I laugh, we dance! and I feel ALIVE again.

Song: Cosmic Love – Florence + The Machine

Life is about living! So I dare you, friends, family, and perfect strangers, to blast this song, dance, and feel this moment together…shake your head like you never have before, flow, like you are dancing through the clouds, sing with your voice, and let yourself go. You are alive, you are loved, and you are free.

The stars, the moon,

Estella G.


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