You remember it. You remember how it felt…

Song: Mumford and Sons – I Gave You All

“You remember it. You remember how it felt.” – Great Expectations.

I spoke about Denial in my book ‘Fix You.’

“Denial is a powerful thing. It not only tricks your brain into thinking something really didn’t happen, but it can actually change your thinking, even alter your reality. You can feel the truth in your heart; yet you willingly choose to look the other way…”

Most people don’t listen to themselves, they choose to look the other way. I did. It was something I regretted many years later.  Today the answers rushed in – answers I had been searching for. “You knew it. You remember how it felt.” It was exactly what you thought it was, but you looked the other way. You made up excuses or you put it on hold.

In life when a lesson bites you in the ass – when you lose something so near and dear to your heart – a parent, a loved one, you try to never make the same mistake again ’cause you remember how much it hurt – what those feelings of regret and pain felt like…and it’s only because you have experienced the repercussions of your own mistakes that you grasp, even hold onto others you see moving down the same path. You stumble to try and take their fall – even warn them, but it goes unnoticed and you get swept under the rug along with the dust of their past.

As you grow wiser, you learn to listen to your heart more, take risks, and follow your intuition. You check in regularly, because you don’t want to be the one who turned their back. You don’t want to kick yourself or know you could have had a chance at something, ’cause when it’s gone you know the truth. The truth doesn’t hide in being hard or running away. It always wins, creeping up on you when you least expect it. And you’ll remember again, what you felt in the beginning, because as much as we’d like it too – the truth of our heart doesn’t disappear.

-Estella Grace


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