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A Glass of Wine on my Table…

Writing is the good stuff in between the afternoon cocktails. The raw stuff that floats off your brain, bringing your reader into each moment. Alcohol can sometimes carry a negative connotation, but to a writer with an over critical brain, it is our drug. We hear about it, Charles Bukowski, Hemingway, all of the greats, but have you lived it before you judged it? The truth is, we all love to read about the train-wrecky side, yes I just created that word. And a drink allows us writers to show our train-wrecky side since we all have one and deep down you are craving to read about it so you too can feel normal again for having one.

Alcohol is what we need to lose focus, bring out the train-wrecky side, and find the other stuff, the stuff between the lines of what we think is important, but really isn’t. It’s like an acid trip, pulling together the puzzle backwards to make a new one.

Layering words, music playing in the background, remembering – songs shifting you from one place to another. Dusty Springfield plays, then Bob Dylan, and this one…

The Story by Brandie Carlisle – A powerful song about sharing stories with the ones you love.

I will float on like Modest Mouse, and I will bring you into my psyche, because of booze and afternoon cocktails. Drinking and writing, they go together so this week I am a writer. Next week I am just a drunk. I write so I drink my inner critic away…putting it too sleep ever so softly. This is my bar time, my ‘me time’ all alone with the paper time, sharing my stories with you.

Estella G.

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