Top 10 Things You Should Not Post on Facebook…

It recently occurred to me that people tend to post a little too much information on Facebook, but when has it gone too far? I decided to survey a group of friends on the ‘most annoying’ posts they’ve encountered on their FB news feed. I think it’s important to get a quick lesson on social media boundaries.

#1 – If you get in a fight with your husband, please don’t give us the detailed run down on the fight and then have the nerve to tag him in the post because this is the response we have to read: “Courtney can you please take this down?”

#2 – We know children get sick, and yes we all love Bobby, Jack, and Alex, but if you could please be less graphic about their symptoms, especially if it involves how many times they have gone to the bathroom in one day. This is a nice survey perhaps for close friends, but not everyone needs to know if Jack has diarrhea for the 5th time or is running a temperature of 105. Please take him to the hospital or doctor.

#3 – I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the phrase, “5 years ago today I met my soul mate.” I know it all googly and romantic, but to practical strangers it feels icky and weird – like a part of your life we should not know about. Save it for your wedding or a romantic weekend getaway.

#4 – A run down of your boring day – I woke up, made my bed, then I made Jimmy’s bed. I did the laundry, mopped the floor, and thank god I finally made it to happy hour at Applebee’s! We know you have no life, but do you really have to broadcast it to everyone.

#5 – If you get into a fight on Facebook chat, please do not take screen shots and out all of your friends involved. It’s just plain awkward and strange for us regular visitors that are trying to get our daily news and a good laugh.

#6 – Please don’t announce how many people you are deleting. No one cares, please delete me, it’s better than having to read your angry post about it.

#7 – Venting about your bad day…”This is the worst day of my life and now I am homeless.” I got one question for you. What the hell is Facebook going to do for you?

#8 – Facebook Debating – These political discussions tend to get pretty darn ugly and gnarly for your hundreds of ‘stranger’ friends. It’s good to be your own referee sometimes and know when to delete the post.

#9 – Pictures of needles going into your arm. Yes I just encountered this one. When was this ever something anyone wanted to look at? Whether you are saving the world with that arm or taking heroin, we don’t need to see it.

#10 – Posting pictures of your body. We get it, you are model, but it still feels a bit narcissistic. All we ask is that you keep it to a minimum (under 100) and at least not re-post the same ones over and over. There are plenty of other things you can post like your world views, favorite movies, pictures with your shirt on…

Peace and love,

– Estella G.


1 thought on “Top 10 Things You Should Not Post on Facebook…”

  1. Lol love it! And I love your page!
    Got one for ya:

    How about the ones who post that they are going to the gym or going for a run or any kind of workout…every.single.damn.day! We get it…you workout. Telling us once that you are starting to care for your body is quite enough:)

    I may be guilty of #3…:)

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