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To My Brothers…

Brother – Edward Sharpe

Though we are miles apart, they are always with me here and now. I still feel them with me every day inspiring me in all that I do, my writing, my singing. It is because of them I have truly blossomed. Their writing style, music, lyrics, films…it’s all there – a layer beneath me providing the platform to grow from and now am proud to be from.

They never discouraged me from the road less traveled, but instead showed me the way through our differences – submerging me into unfamiliar ground and new experiences.

I think about who I would be had I never met them and I am convinced I would be a boring, conservative, housewife; a straight-laced nun with no aspirations or yearning of a different life. They never allowed me to sell-out, and pushed me to be more than just a face. I remember them teasing me about make-up and dangling earrings, but now I am real and when I look in the mirror I don’t need to hide.

They have taught me acceptance of people who are not like me, and they’ve broadened my taste in music and art. They have given me a ‘cool factor’ around other guys, and they’ve taught me to express a freedom within myself without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. In religion, they guided me down other avenues with words of enlightenment, encouraging me to find what was right for me.

They are my mentors, my supporters, and my brothers for life.

To my yin and the yang, who raised my spirit, you have prepared me for the road I am on – lighting the path to my destiny. You have expelled fear by walking your own trails and to you I am forever thankful.

Peace dudes,

Estella G.


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