Marketing Meditation…

As a business owner I have always found that my best clients usually appear out of the blue in some unexpected way. It’s never the way I think or want it to happen, whether I’ve invested money into an ad or joined some kind of targeted industry group. So today I have decided to meditate instead of wasting my energy and money on external resources that tend to bring in nothing.

I remember working for corporate as a marketing manager and the same thing would happen. It was never the money we put out that brought anything in. It was an accidental mention in an interview or through word-of-mouth. One of the hardest things about marketing and I think you can ask anyone who does it full-time is finding what truly works. There is always a search for the brilliant million dollar idea. I can’t tell you how many meetings I sat in waiting for that to happen. There was always a false expectation that something could go viral, or if we could borrow money from somebody else’s budget to outsource additional advertising or web agency’s, but the payoff never came…

To me there never is or was a science to marketing, which is why so many marketing managers spin their heads daily trying to come up with all kinds of survey and test strategy groups to prove there is an actual connection between what they spend versus the purchases on the consumer side. For smaller businesses that can’t afford such risks, we have to put our faith into a higher power.

So today for my interior design business I am trying “Marketing Meditation.” I am going to meditate what I want for my business. I flash briefly to when I followed my passion for design, whether is was posting a blog about a wall I painted, or creating a new website, purchasing a mug or business cards – things that made me smile…that is when my best clients came.

Oprah did a great episode as part of her “Next Chapter.” She went to a town in Iowa where people are doing things a little different – meditating twice a day living more healthy and prosperous lifestyles.

Take a look at this clip…


When someone asked me what I did for work today, I told them I meditated. (Laugh.) To watch the full episode go to:


Amy Passantino

Owner: AEP Interior Design


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