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On Writing…

I have recently had several people come to me and ask me how I wrote a book, so here it is, my advice to you on writing…

Ready? Write. Write anything, just get it out on paper, and don’t think about where it is going. Embrace the creative process and enjoy the ride.

Find your ‘writing voice.’  I remember the first time I heard this was from my book writing coach.

“Find your voice Amy.”

So let me break this down for you since no one did for me. Write what you know…write as if you were speaking to your best friend. This is your voice.

Sometimes you have to venture into the dark places and feel that pain again in order to write it, but when you come back into the light it will all be worth it. The easiest way to travel into the dark – a glass of wine and songs from that time and place.

Discover your process. Mine? Midnight, a glass of wine, and good music…

Select the right music. What songs inspire you, calm your mind? This is the music you should write to.

Layer your sentences.  I used to think writing was about fitting a thought into one sentence, but writing is like creating a musical piece or a choreographed dance. It’s about creating many small sentences to get across one thought. They must flow into one another seamlessly to create a symphony.

Carry around a notebook. It could take hours for a magical thought to arrive. I find that sometimes writing is not immediate and it could take days for a concept to simmer in your brain, but when it does happen, usually at the most inconvenient times, it is electric, and you will want to write the thought down immediately before you forget.

Write with emotion, rather than fancy words. Our generation loses attention very quickly and the reader will feel faster than they can try and google your words.

A question to ask yourself. Would you want to hang out in your scenes? Would it be a place your readers would want to be a fly on the wall? If not, you have to tell it better.

There are several way to tell a story, but only a couple of ways are actually interesting.

How I know a chapter or scene is done? It either gives me chills or makes me laugh.

And lastly, get your work out there – don’t be afraid – good, bad, negative feedback, get coached, whatever you have to do, because it is the only way you will get better.

My book has been a journey in itself and I learned a lot about the process, simply by doing it. Stick with it and don’t give up.

Chin up, it’s time to write.

– Estella G


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