Trying to Kickstart my Memoir: Fix You

Social Media = Exhausting. I am in the process of trying to kickstart my Memoir by raising money on Kickstarter.com. I had several people tell me about this new website used to fundraise projects like my book. It has been posted for a day, and this is no cake walk in the park. Just one more media tool that will kick my ass, not to mention all the blogging, facebook pages, and tweets that go out in addition to this one.

For any project to be successful, you need a following and dollars. Yes, everything costs money and you need to invest in your product.

What I’m giving away? A signed copy and room consultation. Here’s to marketing and social media! Ding!

That was my champagne glass…Oh and if you feel like donating to my cause. Here is the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1999991410/fix-you-a-jersey-memoir

-Estella Grace


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