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Loved this Scene with Pete Cambell from Mad Men’s Finale…


This was such powerful writing, and I love how honest Pete’s character is in this scene.

He is visiting the woman who he had an affair with after she got electroshock therapy. She doesn’t remember him and he begins to tell her the story as if he is speaking about a friend.

“What happened?”

“He got involved….with another man’s wife…”

“And that put him in the hospital?”

“From the complications…All to many reasons, he needed to let off some steam, go on an adventure, he needed to feel handsome again, that he knew something, that all this aging was worth something because he knew things young people didn’t know yet….he probably thought it would be like having a few tall drinks and feeling very very good and then he would go back to his life and say, “that was nice”…..

You see when it went away, he was heartbroken, and then he realized everything he already had was not right either, and that was why it had happened at all…..and that his life with his family was some temporary bandage on a permanent wound.”

What I love about Mad Men is that it highlights the imperfections of characters in a time where people were supposed to be perfect…no one is perfect.

-Estella Grace.


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