I’m ready for the Easy Path now…

Cleaning always brings clarity into my life. It recently dawned on me that I am always the one choosing the harder path, taking on the challenges, trail blazing away…

I keep waiting for a sign that everything is meant to be or some type of confirmation that every decision I make is part of my destiny? But you know what I realized today – I’d be waiting forever and in the meantime I’d wallow in anxiety, too scared to commit to one direction in fear of making a mis-step.  I would wait and wait for a freaking sign and then nothing would come leaving me exactly where I am right now.

I remembered something I heard recently – that WE create our own worlds – we create our own destiny, and for a second I am relieved. Thank God I think. Thank god I get to create my own life and make my own choices.

And then panic overtakes me. How will I know if my decision is right? If there is no set path, what if I make a mistake? And what if I do…I’m always worried if I am doing things right, but I will NEVER have that answer. There are no wrong turns. It’s about the journey.

As I continue to vacuum my living room I have a moment of clarity.

I’ve always said if there was ever a challenge – a harder road, that would be the path I’d follow, and blah, blah, blah…

I always choose the harder road – I bask in the road less traveled, and it fucking finally dawns on me – on this very day. I need to stop saying that. I need to stop picturing myself bulldozing through rough patches when I should be picturing myself laying in a field of daisies, swaying on a tree branch, or rocking in a hammock. Why hadn’t this all clicked sooner? Life is hard, I hear my father say in the distance.

At that moment I shout from my studio apartment at the top of my lungs, “I am ready for the easy path now! I am ready for things to come easy!

I am ready to sit back and relax on my road because life is EASY!! Oh and I want a bigger apartment! Why? Because I want one! And god if your listening right now I want that Pottery Barn bed set I saw the other day. That’s right! And I am ready for the money I need to fall in my lap so I can go to Fiji on a yoga retreat. Nevermind just wire it straight into my bank account.”

Perhaps I wasn’t ready for the easy path. It was too boring for me at one time. I am ready now – and life is going to be so easy…(sigh)

– Estella Grace


1 thought on “I’m ready for the Easy Path now…”

  1. iNTERESTING READ. I try to believe and follow with the basics of what are laws of attraction. Envisioning what you want and in turn both pulling yourself toward “it” as well as “it” inching closer to you. Also, my two cents here, I think you should TRY to stop asking yourself any questions that begin with “what if”. Just try

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