A Box of Photo’s…TOMS Shoes

Sometimes you don’t know what the day will bring or who will become top of mind. I recently purchased a pair of TOMS shoes. Tom’s is a great company because for every pair of shoes you purchase it donates a pair to a child in need. www.toms.com

When I took my brand new TOMS out of the cardboard box I tried them on and a huge smile came over my face. They were perfect! I grabbed the box and headed toward the recycling bin. Just as I was about to let it go, I saw a note shouting at me on the back:

You don’t have to throw this box away! Reuse it, reinvent it, get creative, it’s your box now. Keep TOMS in here, travel photos, old love letters – whatever you want!”

And so I listened to it. I didn’t throw it away. It would be the first shoe box I would hold onto which was a little intimidating. I proudly set it on my kitchen table and thought of a way to re-purpose it for several days. Today I was struggling to find room for my clothes. I wondered if there was a way to clean out one of my drawers. When I opened a drawer, I saw several envelopes full of old photos and then I remembered – the TOMS box!

So I happily grabbed my TOMS box and started going through the photos. It was a little emotional as it had been a long time since I had looked through them. I saw a couple old boyfriends, but out of all the pictures one person stood out the most. We looked so happy and it wasn’t until now, on this day, that I saw it – the glow in both our faces.

Most of the photos were of us traveling together. We were in Disney World, California, Mexico, Virginia, and Boston. We loved taking adventures together and that was what we did best. When we could leave everything behind we were so happy, full of life and these pictures were proof. Proof of a love that once existed – a love I didn’t see with any other boyfriend. We lived together for a bit and we almost got married, but there was a past that followed us and the relationship ended.

The photos today brought this person to the top of my mind. I wondered how he was doing. I had buried him and the memories of us a long time ago, but I realized:

“just because someone is part of your past, doesn’t mean you should throw them away.”

So I didn’t. I feel like I have been cleaning out a lot of things in my life lately shifting my perspective into anew.

Thank you TOMS for helping me re-purpose this box into something special.

Have a beautiful day.

– Estella Grace


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