I am NOT a fan of HGTV…

What happened to shows like This Old House with Bob Vila?

I am not gonna lie, I have never been a fan of this network and as a designer it feels so good to finally get this off my chest. The shows on this channel are not only unrealistic, but the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes that the viewers don’t see before the outrageous reveal is not only misleading, but a complete lie! And now thanks to HGTV, homeowners have false expectations that designers can perform miraculous transformations to their home in just one day. That’s right, one freaking day! I’ll get the custom sofa and window treatments right out of my garage. Oh and how about that hidden team of designers you never meet or clients that actually have a say in their house? The clients on this channel seem to have no say in what the designer does, which is exactly the opposite of real life. Let me just send my clients away from their home while I pick out everything they don’t approve on their credit card. If only it were that simple.

Come on HGTV! Can’t you have a more authentic, realistic approach to design that isn’t misleading and completely about perfection?

In my opinion homes should be about the families that actually live in them, their personalities, oh and let’s not forget about those furry little creatures that run around and get their dirty paw prints on everything. This idea of perfection in the home has been really bothering me lately. In fact, I hate it!

“Sarah’s House” on HGTV is exactly the kind of show I’m talking about. Let’s buy a home for $500,000 and put in $400,000. Then let’s pray for a million dollar ticket price in an already struggling economy from the realtors who have a script right in front of them.

I wonder if Sarah sleeps at night striving for such perfection that doesn’t exist – that CAN’T exist as a train runs right behind her beautiful perfect house. Now that’s a solid investment. And just as I write this my dog Ray knocks the plug out of the wall and Sarah’s face disappears. (smile)

How about a show that teaches us to build things? Sarah’s home remind me of the Kips Bay showhouse in New York City, except her house is not for a good cause.

I come from a long line of carpenters and homemakers and back in the day it was more about building communities and making the best out of what you had.

I love the home and I believe in what it can do for people’s state of minds and overall wellness, but this unattainable level of perfection I am not on board with.

The famous couch scene from American Beauty stands out in my mind…

“Lester you’re gonna spill beer on the couch.”

“So what? It is just a couch.”

“This is a $4000.00 couch upholstered in Italian silk.”

“It is just a couch! This isn’t life! This is just stuff. And it’s become more important to you than living. Well honey that’s just nuts.”

Another show I don’t completely understand is “Income Property.” The homeowners are already struggling on their monthly mortgage and then they are tricked into somehow taking out an additional loan for $100,000 to transform their basement into a rental space. Even if they do get the additional rent, they are pretty much taking out another mortgage on top of their pre-existing loan that they forget to show you in the monthly math equation. Hmm…This show really should be called, it will take you another 20 years to pay off your mortgage.

I had an audition today for a show on this network and now thanks to the lovely Sarah this afternoon I am going to skip it. When you are ready to do a show about the following:

  • transforming people’s lives (extreme makeover concept)
  • how to build a house (heck how to build anything!)
  • color psychology
  • spiritual design
  • clean living
  • energy efficiency
  • less is more tactics
  • or a show about how long it really takes to makeover a space I’ll be all ears.

Till then, your on your OWN, which is a way better network by the way. 😉

Peace out HGTV!

-Estella Grace


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