Fear is an amazing thing. It has the ability to keep you in a box. A box of comfort, limits, and a false sense of security. This term has come to my mind frequently especially around the holidays. Football, the Macy’s Day Parade, we all have our traditions, but this Thanksgiving I have decided to step out of my box.

I didn’t watch the parade, I didn’t make plans to cook massive amounts of food, I instead prepared dinner for one, me. I made a new Thanksgiving dinner, a juicy steak.

I say fuck the turkey. I never liked turkey anyway…

I admit, I felt uncomfortable leaving the box. I had some feelings of guilt not watching the parade. Venturing into the grocery store was a bit lonely, but I pushed onward and what I found was a stress-less day doing things I wanted, writing, blogging, and napping.

Instead of cooking for 48 hours, washing a never-ending pile of dishes, or feeling guilty for over indulging – I had neighbors surprise me with a bottle of wine and in turn, I offered them half of my steak dinner. After all, isn’t that what the holidays are truly about?

Step out of your box and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!


-Estella Grace


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