Following your dreams

A Poem of Declaration…

Here is a song that inspired me to write this poem.

Coldplay – Paradise


A crusade through the night, fighting fire with a knife,

cutting those aside, that threaten my bright light,

soaring through the air on a mission to declare,

my right to succeed, to be happy and free,

flying high above the clouds, my voice stating aloud:

I will wake up each day, knowing everything will be okay,

watching the sunrise, expecting a big surprise,

something amazing, as I continue trail blazing,

shedding each layer of hurt, as I walk this new dirt.

The lessons I’ve learned, I will share in return.

I deserve to be loved, showered with hugs,

I will learn to receive, instead of loving disease,

My pain will be reversed, for my life is not cursed,

I will obtain peace, all the negativity released,

The angels keep me away, from those who can’t play,

awakening me to laughter, dancing hereafter,

You can come along when you’re ready, but I move ahead steady,

I will take back what is mine, love and self-worth, as I cross the line.


-Estella Grace


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