“I, Caveman” – Show on Discovery Channel

Amy Passantino: An interior designer and writer raised in New Jersey, puts herself to the ultimate test surviving in the wild. Before going back int0 the paleolithic era Amy had to survive many things, including losing her own mother to cancer which she writes about in her book “Fix You.” This quest became more of a personal challenge for her: returning back to cavemen roots, learning the land, adjusting to the elements, and functioning from a new level of self – her animal self.

“Communicating through online websites, it makes it easier to deal with people. I mean, I don’t know how cavemen got along back then,” Amy, a designer, told Discovery’s cameras. “When you’re in each other’s faces like this, I mean, you can kind of drive people a little crazy.”

-The Today Show


Amy Passantino and Janeshia Adams-Ginyard

This experience became life changing for me. I had to dig deep and find a strength I did not know existed, as well as rely on the help of my fellow cavemen to survive. That was the hardest part, to know you couldn’t do it alone. We became bonded as a tribe family, and by the end we had made friends for life. I had never subjected my body to such harsh conditions before. I no longer recognized my body’s reactions, which became the scariest part. There is no way to truly understand something until you live through it, and this pushed me beyond my limits to a place I had never been. I am proud of myself for taking part in this experiment and I’m honored to have been among such amazing castmates, including Morgan Spurlock from such projects as “30 Days” and “Super Size Me.”

To witness this amazing journey tune into “I, Caveman” on Discovery Channel airing this Sunday, October 2, at 8:00 pm.


2 thoughts on ““I, Caveman” – Show on Discovery Channel”

  1. Look, taking a bunch of neophites fron urban society that don’t know a damn thing about anything in the true outdoors or ever close to understanding is not entertainment, curious to myself or others that know the wild, and a waste of money and time. You can’t take little pussies from an urban lifestyle and do this… you need to get REAL people – not wanna be pukey freaks that are afraid of dirty fingernails to do this… this is just A 0 – ZERO, period!

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