Following your dreams

Feel with your heart and mind…Mike Dooley

I am all about positive thinking and a big fan of Mike Dooley. Here is an excerpt from his book Infinite Possibilities, The Art of Living Your Dreams.

“All the answers you seek like within. Daily, in moments of quiet, ask yourself for the direction you seek, and look for the answers in your feelings and intuitions. Feel with your heart and your mind; the “right” way will always feel good and make sense. Your mission in life-your purpose-is simply to be-to be yourself. And the only way you can be yourself is to begin listening to yourself-to your desires and dreams, and to your heavenly inspired feelings.”

I love his work and I receive his inspiring notes from the universe every day for an extra positive boost. It’s so important to embrace who you are including what makes you different.

Check out his site to sign up for your own notes of the universe. Here is another amazing book of his, Manifesting Change.

Mike you always keep me positive and remind me I can follow my dreams.

Believe in yourself and you will succeed!


Estella Grace


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