The Red Shoes – Love or the Stage?

The Red Shoes Trailer (For your viewing pleasure.)

In an effort to become more like Estella Grace, I watched a movie from 1948, The Red Shoes. I chose this picture based on Martin Scorsese’s recommendation. He said he loved this movie as a kid and the imagery shaped his career as a film maker.

It’s ironic because the film had a certain darkness to it that reminded me of my poem I wrote yesterday, Addicted to a Moment with YouI guess love can unleash a dark side in all of us. The film is about a play that takes place, similar to Black Swan and the Moulin Rouge.

Even her makeup is the same. Vicky Page, played by Moira Shearer, stars in the play and Julian Craster, a very talented writer and pianist creates the musical score for it.

As it turns out Vicky ends up falling in love with the penniless suitar player or writer. What a shocker?

The controlling owner of the company Lermontav becomes extremely jealous and fires the writer. Now Miss Vicky Page has to choose between the writer or being a dancer. Poor Vicky…

The actual play itself is about a woman and her red shoes. When she puts them on they take over her body forever dancing her through the streets until she finally collapses. There is a lot of eerie imagery throughout with people clawing at her in the dark shadows, wanting to take a piece of her happiness. A lot of obsession and madness showcasing the power of the red shoes.

In the end, the same madness is portrayed by the owner and when Vicky’s sensitive soul can’t make a decision she becomes the character in real life, running off in the red shoes and jumping off of…well I don’t want to spoil it for you.

The last 10 minutes were the most exciting, but there is a certain truth to this film as an artist. Do you choose love or the stage? I’ve met many actors out here in LA and when the topic of love arises, most of them always choose the stage.

I don’t know if this movie made me become a better person, but I do know that I would have chosen love.

– Estella Grace


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