My other half Estella…

Billy Holiday  – Moanin’ Low

I have a voice and now I need to get comfortable with it. As I sit and listen to Billie Holiday, a certain passion unleashes out of my soul. Music was and still is a way to express one’s self in a bold fashion. Nowadays I feel like I am living a double life and I wonder if it was just as hard for Billie to show the world who she was.

There are rules in business, always pretending to be the proper, straight-laced person with good etiquette. Let’s call her Grace. I feel like I am half of this person dressing to play the part. I always have been sitting in cubicles for most of my career. There were times when I felt like a caged animal staring at a blank computer screen in an effort to look busy. Some days I just wanted to stand up and dance.

This would be my other half, the free-spirited Estella. The person rising to their own star power, discovering new paths, and going wherever the journey takes her. Remember, this is my alter ego we’re talking about, but in today’s day and age when your entire existence can be found in just one click of a button – a Google search, its harder to hide the Estella in all of us. I mean have you googled yourself lately? It’s pretty scary.

So starting today I have decided to take a stand in a Jerry McGuire type fashion, coming clean with the business world once and for all, joining the proper Grace with the free-spirited Estella because they are bound to cross paths with my business and personal life all over the internet.

Alright, here I go…

YES, I drink! I love cheap beer. I indulge in an occasional bottle of red wine. I swear with all kinds of curse words flying out my mouth. I use the word fuck as a noun, adjective, and verb. (Grace would be so disappointed). I dance to cheesy songs and I worry about whose gonna find my ridiculous Britney Spears video on YouTube.

By the way, here’s the link 🙂

I have three tattoos, I’ve moved over a dozen times, and I was laid off like the rest of the country. I confess, social media has been giving me anxiety for years…and GOD it feels good to get this all off my chest! Thank you.

I am a designer, cook, writer, and actor. I can whip up a great meal and design your home. I am a GOOD person. I have never cheated on any of my boyfriends. I can’t lie because my face turns red. I donate to charities monthly. I may lose some clients after this blog post, but I am willing to risk that for some honesty because I am real. Put that on a resume.

It is my intention to continue moving in this direction – combining Estella with the Grace, accepting people for who they are, not for what they pretend to be, discarding the masks they hide behind once and for all…because that my friend is the business etiquette of the new world – my world.

Peace! EG


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